Why Fruitbearer?

Professional Service

The Fruitbearer experience is a cooperative and prayerful venture between you and the publisher. We are an independent publisher, a hybrid between traditional and self-publishing, where you retain all of the control but have none of the headaches. Candy Abbott, owner and “Head Gardener” of Fruitbearer Publishing LLC, oversees each project and works with a highly professional team.

Personalized Attention

Our team of Vinedressers strives for excellence. They will gently guide you through the maze of editing, artwork, graphic design, proofreading, printing, distribution, and marketing. From raw manuscript to finished book, the goal is not only to provide you with a quality product but to get your book into just the right hands. We have what you need, all in one basket.

  1. CONTROL. With Fruitbearer, you have a say at every stage of the editorial process and retain the rights to your book.
  2. TIMING. With Print-On-Demand, eBook technology, and distribution through Ingram, your book can move forward quickly.
  3. MARKETING. These days, even traditional publishers require you to market the book yourself. Fruitbearer has a publicist to guide you.
  4. ROYALTIES. You’ll receive 50% in royalties. You can purchase books at a wholesale rate and keep 100% of the profit.
  5. QUALITY. Fruitbearer does everything with excellence as unto the Lord. When your book goes to press, you’ll say, "Yes! That’s exactly what I was hoping for!"

Integrity and Assurance

Rooted in Galatians 5:22-25, Candy started Fruitbearer in 1999 and has developed a reputation for integrity and sensitivity in publishing circles. You can trust Fruitbearer to guard your voice and vision.

Incredible Fruit

Visit fruitbearer.com for an overview of the many seeds we have planted that are already bearing fruit. To find out if Fruitbearer is a good fit for you, complete the Manuscript Submission form at the bottom of the home page.