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Tarot Forecast September 5-15, 2023

Dear friends and followers of the mystical, I welcome you to this session of astrological forecasts from September 5 to 15, 2023.

Let me, your dedicated tarot reader, guide you through the mysteries of the universe as revealed by the tarot cards. The dominant theme of this period is desire.

Desire, a powerful and universal energy, drives us to seek what our heart covets most. Whether it’s love, success, peace or personal fulfillment, desire is the wind that sets our sails and propels us toward our goals and dreams.

The tarot, as an ancient and proven divinatory tool, allows us to glimpse what the future holds for us on the theme of desire.

Thanks to its rich and profound symbolism, each card drawn offers us a glimpse of the energies, challenges and opportunities that will influence our quest for desires. The tarot can reveal the potential obstacles in our path, as well as the positive forces that will come to our aid.

In this tarot reading, we’ll use the Major Arcana to detect the major cosmic influences that will play a decisive role in our lives during this period.

These cards represent the major universal forces – love, wisdom, ambition, creativity, destruction – that shape our existence and guide our course. Bear in mind that tarot does not predict the future with absolute precision.

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Instead, it offers valuable guidance to help us navigate life’s often tumultuous course. Each interpretation reflects current energy and future possibilities.

Without further ado, let’s embark together on this divinatory journey of discovery and enlightenment, exploring what the tarot cards have to reveal about fulfilling your desires for these next ten days of September 2023.

1. Aries: The Tower

Dear Ariesyour card for this period is The Tower. This card indicates a sudden upheaval or surprising revelation that could disrupt your quest for desire. Yet these trials are often necessary to help us evolve and grow. Face it these challenges with courage and determination.


2. Taurus: The Moon

For you, Bullsthe tarot reveals the The Moon. It symbolizes secrets, mysteries and intuition. Don’t let your fears and uncertainties keep you from what your heart desires most. Listen to your intuitionIt will guide you towards the fulfillment of your desires.

3. Gemini: The Sun

The Geminiyour card is that of The Sun. This card radiates joy, optimism and vitality. It heralds a period of personal fulfillment and achievement. Don’t hesitate to pursue what you desire with positivity and confidence.

4. Cancer: The Hanged Man

Dear Cancersyour card for this period is The Hanged Man. It indicates a period of waiting, sacrifice or even renunciation. But this doesn’t mean you won’t get what you want. Sometimes it takes patience and let go to allow destiny to unfold.

5. Leo: Wheel of Fortune

For you, Lionsthe card drawn is Wheel of Fortune. It indicates a change in destiny, often beneficial. It’s the ideal time to seize opportunities and realize your desires.

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6. Virgo: The World

Dear Virginsyour card is that of Le Monde. It symbolizes completion, total fulfillment and universal harmony. Your desires are within reach. All you have to do is cultivate patience and perseverance.

7. Libra: Justice

Dear Scalesthe card drawn for you is Justice. It invites you to weigh your decisions carefully and act with integrity to realize your desires. Truth and balance will be your best allies during this period.

8. Scorpio: Death

For the Scorpionsthe card drawn is that of Death. Fear not, this card does not foretell a literal end, but a symbolic one. It indicates a radical transformation, a metamorphosis that will help you achieve your desires.

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9. Sagittarius: The Devil

Dear Sagittariansyour card is the Devil. This card is a reminder of the temptation and material attachment that can distract us from our true desires. It’s important to remain vigilant and focused on what really matters.

10. Capricorn: The Star

For the Capricornsthis is the card of The Star which has been drawn. It symbolizes hope, inspiration and divine guidance. Keep faith in your dreams and desires, as the heavens seem to be conspiring in your favor.

11. Aquarius: The Hermit

For you, dear Aquariusthe card drawn is that of The Hermit. This card invites you to search within yourself for the answers to your deepest desires. Take the time to reflect and introspect to find your way.

12. Pisces: The Chariot

Finally, the Fishyour card is the Cart. It represents triumph, control and self-discipline.

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To realize your desires, you’ll need a strong sense of dedication and hard work. You have what it takes to succeed.

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