Why do we fall in love? Understanding Love Factors and Statistics

In search of love: The reality of crushes throughout our lives Among the many mysteries of the human heart, exactly how many times we fall in love in a lifetime is one of the most debated. Even if science does not offer a precise figure, certain studies have attempted to shed light on this question. … Read more

The 3 critical moments when your relationship risks implosion

Romantic breakups are an unavoidable reality of life. Whether due to incompatibility, betrayal, irreconcilable differences or simply the end of a love, they always occur at specific, often predictable times. For many, these moments are experienced with great sadness and confusion. A better understanding of these key periods can help anticipate and manage them more … Read more

Discover the 6 foolproof strategies to inspire respect

Respect is fundamental in all relationships, whether they are professional, friendly or family. That said, inspiring this regard is not always easy. It’s not enough to ask for it, you have to earn it. Here are six simple and very effective lessons to instantly inspire respect and develop healthy and harmonious relationships. 1. Be authentic … Read more

The 10 secrets of successful women

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Why do strong women stay with men who devalue them

The harsh reality: why strong women stay with men who demean them It is sometimes difficult to understand why a strong woman, independent and confident would choose to stay with a partner who constantly diminishes or belittles her. If you’ve ever wondered, this article will shed some light on the reasons behind this complex and … Read more

Transform your life with mindfulness

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the keys to renewal

Happiness is something we all seek. We can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pressures and obligations of daily life and forget the feeling of joy and inner well-being. Fortunately, it is possible to find inner happiness and achieve lasting well-being. We will explore the keys to discovering your happiness interior and learn to maintain it … Read more

turn your desires into reality

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5 secrets to attract love and transform your life forever

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My emotional journey on Tinder: my traumatic experience

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How to build self-esteem to achieve your personal goals

The influence of self-esteem on the achievement of personal goals Achieving personal goals is a process that requires a strong dose of determination, perseverance and discipline. One of the most important and often overlooked factors in this process is self-esteem. Self-confidence and a positive perception of one’s own value play a crucial role in achieving … Read more

My journey to happiness and independence as a single woman

My daily life changed the day I had to learn to live without him. Him, the one who was my anchor, my universe, my everything. Through my narration, I will share with you the intensity of my emotional journey, the agony of the first days, the poignant loneliness when we became me, then the acceptance … Read more

Love: 3 (easy) rules to apply so that your relationship is truly fulfilled and lasting!

Discover the three easy rules to apply to make your romantic relationship truly fulfilling. Beyond shared smiles, friendly moments and sweet words exchanged, here are the less obvious but equally significant signs to watch out for. Prepare to be surprised and perhaps to revise your vision of perfect love… © Fruitbearer Mutual respect: The pillar … Read more

Why don’t we have intimate relationships anymore?

There are times in life when time, intimacy and even love seem to slip away quietly, without us noticing. I am at this point in my life where the sensual life that I have known, that I have cherished, no longer has a place. I don’t know when the last time we made love was… … Read more

Tips for overcoming break-ups and rediscovering yourself

Breaking up: more than just goodbye Sometimes you feel like saying I saw it coming or I knew it wasn’t going to last. And sometimes, we’re as disconcerted as the day the sorbet man stopped making his usual rounds in our neighborhood. Like her, you may have seen the end of a relationship coming like … Read more

Overcoming impossible love: Resilience

Overcoming impossible love: a matter of time and resilience From the ancient story of Romeo and Juliet to Jack and Rose’s passionate love affair in Titanic, many examples of “impossible love” stories find their way into our hearts and minds. However, living an impossible love can be a heartbreaking experience. What do you do when … Read more

10 foolproof techniques to boost your self-esteem

Self-esteem is the driving force in our lives. It is the keystone of our well-being, fulfillment and success. In fact, it determines our attitude towards ourselves and others, as well as our ability to cope with challenges and difficulties. But how can we boost our self-esteem? Here are ten tried-and-tested tips. © Vracdrive 1. Practicing … Read more

How I rebuild myself every day

It’s a theme that I know echoes in all of us: infidelity and the ultimate doubt – will I be able to forgive him for cheating on me? It’s a seemingly simple question, but one that’s maddeningly complex once you get into it. Personally, I’ve been faced with this agonizing choice before. I won’t lie … Read more

A guide to getting your child to respect the rules

Understanding the Importance of Rules First of all, it’s important to understand that rules are not a constraint, but a guide to harmonious living. According to the Observatoire Français des Usages de l’Enfance, rules enable children to structure their behavior and way of thinking. Understanding and respecting rules is an essential skill in today’s society. … Read more

Dopamine, happiness and lasting love

Time for euphoria in young couples’ relationships It’s often said that love makes you blind. In the initial phase of a relationship, young couples often experience an indescribable feeling of happiness and euphoria. Happiness hormones take over and all problems seem insignificant. However, this honeymoon phase has a limited duration. According to several studies, which … Read more

“I’ve always tried to make them crazy about me.”

Imagine yourself, in love with a man who only sees you as friends, a one-way story filled with frustration and hope. That’s where I found myself. I’m Sandra, a woman like any other, but who found herself in a situation that many of you might experience. A situation where I’ve always wanted to attract a … Read more

why i choose to be single and fulfilled

For years now, I’ve been sailing alone in the vast ocean that is life. A carefully considered decision that has affected my daily life in ways both frivolous and profound. Yes, you heard me right, I’m single! But don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of woman who’s overwhelmed with grief at the thought … Read more

Why do these strong women stay with a man who belittles her? “The 4 reasons “

The love equation: strong women and their belittling partners At the heart of a complex paradox of relationship dynamics lies the “strong” woman. She is often intelligent, independent, successful, yet in her personal relationship, she can remain in a situation where she is belittled by her partner. Why does a woman who otherwise seems so … Read more

the secret of longevity

Is happiness a daily choice? I like to remind my friends and family of this little story whenever our conversations revolve around the theme of happiness. Lucy, my kind-hearted neighbor, always dressed in her floral dress and armed with her unfailing smile, keeps telling me: Every morning, I choose to be happy. A ritual, a … Read more

Decipher the 8 signs of manipulation: stop being a victim

Manipulation is a subtle form of emotional abuse that can be difficult to recognize. Manipulators are skilled at hiding their true intentions and presenting themselves in a favorable light. They are usually very persuasive and can make you doubt your own perception. If you often feel confused, guilty or frustrated in a relationship, you could … Read more

your favorite kitten reveals your character!

Welcome to a fascinating journey of self-discovery through an extraordinary personality test: choosing your favorite kitten. Psychology has long used a variety of tests to reveal the hidden intricacies of our personalities. From the Enneagram to the popular Myers Briggs Type Indicator, not forgetting the essential Rorschach test, these tools have helped countless people to … Read more

You doubt him (really)?

Understanding another person’s feelings isn’t always an easy task, especially when it comes to love and relationships. Sometimes the signs are obvious, but we choose to ignore them, or find it hard to decipher them. Feelings can change, and one person can lose interest in another for a variety of reasons. In this situation, it’s … Read more

Marie’s testimony: “My heart was broken by an impostor”.

As soon as I entered Marie’s cozy apartment, I could feel the soothing atmosphere. We were far from the noise and bustle of the capital, in a real cocoon of calm, ideal for confiding in someone. This radiant thirty-something welcomed me for an interview that turned out to be more poignant than I could have … Read more

Testimonial: “I had the naughtiest summer of my life”.

While summer seems to promise scorching temperatures, another heat consumes Eléna: that of excitement. A 35-year-old hardened bachelor, this discreet, reserved woman has decided to turn her life around in the course of a season. Inspired by an office colleague in a similar situation, she managed to spice up her life by joining the world … Read more

10 signs that a man is ready to commit to your life!

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