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Natural and Economical Stain Remover for an Impeccable Home

To discover: sodium percarbonate

The sodium percarbonate, this white powder which might resemble baking soda but wrongly confused, is in fact a must-have for your home. It is a powerful stain remover, whitener, disinfectant and even deodorizer. All, of course, without environmental toxicity. Discover without further delay the 6 uses of percarbonate of soda in your interior.

Clothes whiter than white

One of the main uses of soda percarbonate is its whitening power on laundry. Over time, your white textiles tend to yellow and lose their shine. In this case, sodium percarbonate is your ally. Simply add one to two tablespoons of this white powder to your usual laundry detergent and you will have shiny laundry again.

A stain remover of unrivaled power

Fighting stubborn stains is a real challenge. THE sodium percarbonate is interesting to use as a stain remover, because it is effective even at low temperatures. Soaking it in a mixture of water and baking soda can tackle even the most desperate stains.

Deep cleaning of your exterior surfaces

Whether it is your wooden terrace, your plastic garden furniture, or your shutters, a few spoons of percarbonate of soda in a bucket of lukewarm water and a good brush are enough to remove algae, mold, and other dirt.

A solution for sparkling dishes

The sodium percarbonate can also bring an unrivaled shine to your dishes. A few spoons added to your usual dishwashing detergent is enough to work miracles.

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The fight against bad odors

Need a natural yet powerful air freshener for your home? Sodium percarbonate comes to your rescue. By diluting one to two tablespoons in a spray bottle of water, you can quickly eliminate bad odors from your refrigerator, trash can, or even carpet.

Top-notch pipes

In combination with white vinegar, sodium percarbonate can help you sanitize and descale your pipes. A simple mixture of these two natural products can save your clogged pipes. The surprising effectiveness of sodium percarbonate, its low cost and its non-impact on the environment make this product a must-have for your home. Adopt it and see the difference for yourself.

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