Fruitbearer Mission Statement

Fruitbearer Publishing LLC is rooted in Galatians 5:22-25, demonstrating the Fruit of the Spirit and keeping in step with the Spirit.

  • LOVE and JOY: Fruitbearer recognizes the Lord's love as the foundation of our company. We love our work and want our authors to love working with us. It is our joy to offer a professional, personalized approach and our hope that by the time each book is completed, author and publisher alike will say, "Yes" and "Amen."  

  • PEACE and PATIENCE: Fruitbearer practices peace and patience in every aspect of our work, especially when challenges crop up (if ever we don't, we invite you to remind us). We have confidence in the decisions we make because we pause to be sure God is included in everything we do, and we encourage our authors to do the same.

  • KINDNESS and GOODNESS: Fruitbearer considers our authors' preferences, and all members of our team do their best to interact with kindness and respect. Because we insist our publications be wholesome, readers can trust them. Goodness is characteristic that every Fruitbearer book shares; even the most difficult topics have redeeming value. 

  • GENTLENESS and FAITHFULNESS: Fruitbearer delights in gentleness and faithfulness. If awkward conversations with authors are necessary (like editing suggestions we feel strongly about), we may stand firm in our convictions but are gentle about it because we make a conscious effort to be good listeners. In this way, we maintain our faithfulness in what God has given us to do. 

  • SELF-CONTROL: Fruitbearer exercises self-control by keeping in step with the Holy Spirit. There a lot of options in the modern publishing arena, and not all of them may be appropriate for us . . . at least not yet. Yes, we stay abreast of the latest publishing industry standards and technology, but we are careful to pace ourselves. Rather than speed, Fruitbearer is concerned about quality customer care. Keeping a godly balance requires self-control and sensitivity to the Lord's voice.