You have done the hard part and, hopefully, the fun part: You have written your book. For some, this is a lifelong dream; others are able to write book after book that seems effortless. Either way, there is one wall almost every author faces: getting the book to reach its target audience.

Now comes the challenging part and, hopefully, the exciting part: You have to let people know it's there. Sure, you can give your book to friends and family, but then what? Authors are ultimately responsible for marketing their book, and rightly so because no one knows your book better than you do. Besides, readers want to get to know you. But where do you start? What do you do?

Fruitbearer is here to guide you in the direction best suited to you and your book. Marketing is not a cookie-cutter pursuit because not every option is right for every book or personality. However, there are some key components that are necessary for your book's journey. Below are some items we will help you place in your marketing toolbox so you can get your book out to paying customers. 

ELIZABETH BOERNER, Author Liaison, works personally with Fruitbearer authors to customize a marketing plan that will be effective but not overwhelming. With the mountain of marketing materials available to choose from, her goal is for authors to work at their own pace so they can get their book into the hands of eager readers without feeling overwhelmed.


A one-hour consultation will be held with the Author Liaison to discuss a custom marketing plan which will coincide with the publishing process.

  • The Author will be spotlighted on (timing to be determined by the Publisher). A list of questions will be emailed for an interview which will be posted on to give readers an up-close and personal look at the Author.


  • Fruitbearer will design a print-ready PDF for a Bookmark or Postcard (the Author will pay for printing—cost dependent on quantity ordered).


  • Marketing Tips for Fruitbearer Kids picture books: book swag (give-aways such as stickers), and book party ideas


  • Fruitbearer will include a QR Code in the Author’s book with instructions: “To find this and other inspirational books in the Fruitbearer collection, scan code below with your smartphone.”


  • Fruitbearer will provide tips on how to do a Cover Reveal (prior to book release).


  • Fruitbearer will post a New Release Announcement


  • Fruitbearer will provide guidelines on how to Launch a Facebook Party. You can still get your book out there without being in a bookstore and have fun doing it! You’ll personalize your book by gathering your biggest fans on Facebook--invite them, and they will come!


  • Fruitbearer authors are encouraged to follow Fruitbearer Publishing LLC and the other authors in the Fruitbearer family on social media. This will create the potential for a community of followers that will expand authors’ reader base while tapping into an audience of readers looking for books they can trust to inspire and delight.


  • Logo Creation


  • Design of Banner for Table or Floor, cost of the banner would be invoiced separately


  • Marketing Schedule - Assistance in creating a marketing schedule by day, month, and/or year.


  • How to Set Up Your Blog


  • Creation of one Web Page. Author purchases the domain name and the WIX plan of your choice. We will help you design the page, and we will do the work. 


  • Amazon Keywords. Boost your ranking on Amazon by choosing strong keywords. We will work with you in selecting the words and posting them for you. 


  • Amazon Categories. Boost your ranking on Amazon by choosing strong categories. We will work with you in selecting the words and posting them for you.


  • Media Kit. Series of calls to keep you on track as you compile your media kit (maximum of five hours).

Book Coach Terms

Projects will be invoiced by Fruitbearer, but the author will work directly with Elizabeth Boerner and/or Michele Chynoweth. Options can be contracted and services paid individually or together as part of the comprehensive package. Fees are due as follows: A deposit of half of total fees (per project or package) is due by start-up date; the remainder of total fees will be due once the work is completed. (Dates and timeline to be determined between Client and Book Coach.)