Fruitbearer Kids

Our goal at Fruitbearer Kids is to produce stories that will engage, encourage, and entertain.


Fruitbearer Kids is an imprint of Fruitbearer Publishing LLC. When you become a Fruitbearer author, you will interact with professional editors, artists, and designers who will walk you step-by-step from raw manuscript to finished book. This is a cooperative venture between you (the author) and Fruitbearer (the publisher). Fruitbearer is an independent (indy) publisher, not a self-publisher or a traditional publisher, but a combination where you retain all of the control but have none of the headaches.

Fruitbearer Kids welcomes books for children that include faith, family, friends, and anything that relates to them. They don’t have to be overtly Christian, but should have good morals from a Christian worldview; well-crafted stories that teach children without them being aware they are learning, stories that have truth and faith woven within them, and lots of fun and action.

For our books that aren’t overtly Christian: Life and Truth. Beauty and Goodness. Fun and Friendship. These are things which should be taught and celebrated. Children’s stories that don’t mention God by name, but show these things in an engaging way, are welcome at Fruibearer Kids.

We also love beautiful bedtime story books, and we welcome fresh, inventive story ideas.

Pam Halter 2021

Children's Editor, Pam Halter


Children's Illustrator, Kim Sponaugle

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