Increase your productivity with these Feng Shui tips!

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Ecological and economical tip for cleaning your pipes

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Natural tips to restore shine to white laundry

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The 6 magical rules of Feng Shui

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Why rinsing dishes before the dishwasher affects its efficiency

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Promote concentration and reduce stress thanks to Feng Shui

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How to clean your sponges and dishcloths to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria

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The 8 Feng Shui secrets to attract wealth to your home

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small store to European discount giant

The meteoric rise of Action No one can deny the undeniable and impressive success of the Dutch discount chain, Action. When I think of their humble beginnings in 1993, I can only admire their meteoric rise to the top of the European discount market. They started with a single store in Enkhuizen in the Netherlands … Read more

Color influences our well-being at home

Understanding the influence of colors Choosing the right colors for your bedroom isn’t just a question of aesthetics. Colors have an impact on our mood and well-being. They have a language of their own and strong symbolism that influence our behavior and emotions. Soothing colors are oriented towards soothing and inspiring hues, promoting rest and … Read more

How to create a bright and spacious bedroom

1. Spotlight on on-trend bedroom colors For a cozy, bright bedroom, we’re seeing a strong trend towards soft, soothing, luminous colors. The mix of beige and off-white as well as the introduction of light blue or pastel green invite themselves into our bedrooms. These combinations give the impression of space and lightness. © Vracdrive 2. … Read more

Pink for an aphrodisiac bedroom

Pink, an eternally fashionable color From the ’50s to the present day, pink has been pink has always had a place in our interiors. In 2023-2024, this color seems to be making a strong comeback for bedroom decoration. A bold choice that’s stylish, charming and not as cliché as you might think. © Vracdrive Why … Read more

Creating an economical nursery

Trend No. 1: Chic and affordable monochrome The first of this year’s trends, monochrome is a clever and economical solution for transforming your children’s bedroom into a stylish place. In fact, choosing a single dominant color and playing with its nuances can give life to a modern, soothing bedroom. And the good news is that … Read more

How to tidy a teenager’s bedroom in 15 minutes a day

Managing teenage space: challenges and solutions Adolescence is a key period marked by intense psychological and physical transformations. One of the most obvious signs of these changes is strangely reflected in the management of the teenager’s individual space: his or her bedroom. According to an INSEE study, nearly 60% of parents find it difficult to … Read more

A children’s workspace for less than 5 euros!

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Transform your kitchen for more space with my tips!

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5 effective ways to eliminate bed bugs from your bedding

A daily battle: getting rid of bed bugs If you’re reading these lines, it’s probably because you’ve had the unpleasant experience of a bedbug invasion. Far from being a sign of poor hygiene, these pests can settle in anyone’s home. I still remember the look on my neighbor Jean-Paul’s face when he discovered that his … Read more

two-minute rule for a clean kitchen

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itching, red spots and other signs

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How do you know if you have bedbugs?

Warning signs of bedbugs Before getting to the heart of the matter, I recall a disturbing experience of an old colleague. While complaining of chronic itching, he regularly rented out his room via an accommodation exchange site for travelers. This is how he discovered, a little too late, that he had opened his home to … Read more