Detection and natural elimination of household mold: Ecological tips

Recognizing Mold in Your Home Mold, our silent and insidious household enemy, is often more present than we would like in our houses. But how to recognize this scourge? Here are some clues to help you spot the presence of mold. Appearance and smell: Mold can take many forms, some are clearly visible, others less … Read more

Natural and Economical Stain Remover for an Impeccable Home

To discover: sodium percarbonate The sodium percarbonate, this white powder which might resemble baking soda but wrongly confused, is in fact a must-have for your home. It is a powerful stain remover, whitener, disinfectant and even deodorizer. All, of course, without environmental toxicity. Discover without further delay the 6 uses of percarbonate of soda in … Read more

Natural and economical tips for a glowing home

Natural and economical tips for cleaning your PVC windows Our home is our cocoon in which we like to feel good. And for this, regular maintenance is required. Today we are going to talk about a household task that you probably have to do often: cleaning PVC windows. These tend to yellow over time and … Read more

Natural tips to remove limescale from the shower head with vinegar and lemon

The harm of limescale on your shower head One of the most common problems we encounter in the bathroom is the accumulation of limestone on our shower head. Not only does it make our bathroom look unsightly, but it can also affect water flow. Fortunately, there are simple natural tips to resolve this problem. What … Read more

Economical Guide with White Vinegar

A simple tip for natural maintenance of your toilet flush It’s true that we rarely pay attention to our toilet flush until it starts to malfunction. A common problem that can arise is scale buildup which can ultimately hinder its effectiveness. In this article, I present to you an easy and natural method to descale … Read more

4 Effective Tips for Maintaining a Tidy and Clean Home Easily

Introduction to an eco-responsible home In recent years, we have all realized how essential it is to take care of our planet. But did you know that by adopting a few key tipscould you make your home a more ecological, economical and striking space? As a mother of two, I have explored many tips and … Read more

Reduce your carbon footprint at home for a greener future

Reducing our carbon footprint, an everyday challenge If you are like me, a stay-at-home mother concerned about the future of her children but also the comfort of your home, you have surely wondered about how to reduce your carbon footprint. This is indeed a major concern at the moment and we can all simply take … Read more

Eliminate bedbugs naturally with economical & ecological methods

Goodbye bedbugs, naturally! If you have had the misfortune of meeting these unwanted guests, you know that you need to get rid of them quickly! Bedbugs are not only annoying, but also very resilient. In this guide, I share natural tips to get rid of bedbugs without using chemicals. Why choose a natural method? Most … Read more

Guide to eliminating bad dishwasher odors naturally

The battle against bad dishwasher odors What matriarch has never opened her dishwasher, expecting a fresh smell, only to be greeted by an unpleasant smell instead? Worry no more, dear readers. Today I reveal to you my best tips for miraculously eliminating bad odors from your dishwasher. Prevention: Your best friend Before giving you my … Read more

Guide in 3 simple steps

Clean a dishwasher in 3 easy steps with natural products With our economic lives, maintaining a clean house is not always an easy task. The dishwasher is one of those appliances that works hard for us, but we often forget to take care of. Many people don’t realize that it is crucial to clean your … Read more

Natural and economical cleaning guide

The Incredible Power of Essential Oils for Floor Cleaning At the heart of every home is an atmosphere that every mother wants to make as clean and healthy as possible. Today I’m going to share with you one of my tips favorites: using essential oils to clean floors. Essential oils are natural, ecological and give … Read more

Plants to avoid so as not to attract bad vibes to your home

Do you feel tired, stressed or unlucky for no apparent reason? the cause may be right under your nose. Certain plants, although they are beautiful and bring a touch of greenery to your interior, can disrupt the harmony of your living space depending on the feng-shui. Indeed, they are renowned for attracting bad vibes. Find … Read more

Unclog a Kitchen Sink Naturally with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Encountering a clogged sink in your kitchen? Do not panic ! There’s nothing more frustrating than a kitchen sink that won’t drain, especially after cooking a big meal. Fortunately, there are natural and economical tips to deal with this common home problem. Understand why your sink is clogged It is important to understand that kitchen … Read more

Use baking soda for bright white, eco-friendly laundry

The magic of baking soda for whitening laundry One of my best allies in ecological cleaning is the baking soda. This wonderful natural product has no equal for removing the most stubborn stains and restoring shine to your textiles. Today I’m going to show you how you can use baking soda to whiten laundry by … Read more

Discover the 10 magical secrets of baking soda that you didn’t know!

Baking soda, that little white packet often overlooked in our cupboards, is a real versatile treasure. Whether for housekeeping, body care, cooking or gardening, this natural, economical and ecological product can prove to be a great ally. Here are ten interesting uses for baking soda that might surprise you. 1. Clean the bathroom © Vracdrive … Read more

Perfume your home naturally and economically with essential oils

Everything you need to keep your home smelling fresh and fragrant! Have you ever wondered how to keep your home fresh and fragrant without resorting to chemicals that are often expensive and harmful to your health? I found the perfect solution for you! A tip that is both natural, ecological and as economical as possible. … Read more

Do you hate ironing? How to save time with this simple tip

How to deal with the chore of ironing? Few domestic tasks arouse as much disenchantment as ironing clothes. Mountains of quickly wrinkled shirts, dresses, sheets and other clothing can seem overwhelming and make ironing tedious. But don’t despair! I’ve found a simple tip to help you overcome this burden. A well-kept secret: The drying trick … Read more

Natural tip to clean streaks on the shower screen effortlessly

The recurring problem of marks on the shower screen We’ve all experienced it – after a few showers, our beautiful transparent and shiny wall becomes dull and spotted, a real cleaning nightmare! Sure, heavy scrubbing is a solution, but it’s exhausting and often unsatisfying. Fortunately, there are several natural tips that are easy to apply … Read more

Economical tips for cozy fall decoration

Create a warm atmosphere for fall on a small budget Autumn is a perfect time to pamper your interior and create a space of well-being at low prices. With the return of longer nights and cooler temperatures, it’s the perfect season for cocooning. For this, it is not necessary to spend a fortune, a few … Read more

How to clean your refrigerator in less than 5 minutes!

A well-kept secret: a flashing fridge in a flash We’ve all experienced it: the horrifying vision of a dirty, overflowing refrigerator. Maybe a little layer of mold has started to form inside, or food spills have stained your shelves. But don’t worry, my dear readers, I have a secret to share with you. A simple, … Read more

Prepare Your Home for Winter: Window Tips

The beautiful fall season and the importance of window maintenance Fall is often synonymous with renewal, wardrobe changes and preparation for winter. But have you ever thought about the importance of cleaning your window frames during this period? A clean and well-maintained window provides better insulation, resulting in energy savings and a warmer interior. So, … Read more

Tips for spotless, streak-free windows!

Why bother with dirty windows and mirrors? Every time we pass by a window, we like to see a clear landscape, without stains or dirt. Clean windows and mirrors improve the appearance of our home and ensure good light. Achieving this level of streak-free cleanliness can be a real challenge. But don’t worry, I’m here … Read more

The effective method for removing limescale

The Scourge of Limestone: an Easy and Natural Solution Limestone. A word that makes us all wince. Whitish deposits on our faucets, annoying residues in the shower, or even unsightly marks on our glasses. For many of us, limescale is our number one household adversary. But don’t worry, I have the solution! Forget the tiring … Read more

the miracle and economical recipe for doing it yourself

Tips for a shiny interior: Homemade anti-dust spray Hello clean lovers! Today, we are going to revolutionize your cleaning routine with a simple and effective DIY recipe: a homemade dust spray. Get ready, your furniture will shine like never before! What is an anti-dust spray? Before we jump into the preparation, let’s take a moment … Read more

Ecological and economical dust removal tip from large hotels

Goodbye to dust: discover a miraculous tip from big hotels As a mother and homemaker, the battle against dust can sometimes seem endless. But today I’m going to share a little professional secret that I discovered that is used in major hotels. Want to know the best part? It’s easy to make and totally eco-friendly! … Read more

Stop bacteria: how to clean your microwave

The place of the microwave in our kitchens The microwave is a kitchen appliance that we use almost daily. Its ease of use can make us forget the importance of regular maintenance. As researchers of practical and natural solutions, today we will see together how to clean your microwave effectively and how often. How often … Read more

How to effectively clean your oven door?

The cleanliness of your oven, a key element for an efficient cook We love cooking, getting together around a good home-cooked meal, but cleaning the oven? This is an other story. And the oven door, with its insidious glass panes that always seem to stay dirty, seems to discourage even the most avid cleaners among … Read more

Improve your physical and mental well-being with Feng Shui

Understanding Feng Shui The Feng Shuia centuries-old traditional Chinese philosophy, is now widely recognized around the world. It constitutes a method of organizing interior and exterior space using specific principles derived from ancient beliefs and astronomy to improve balance, happiness, health and prosperity. The influence of Feng Shui on physical well-being Adopting Feng Shui in … Read more

Economical and natural tip for toilets like new

Discover my simple tip for a toilet like new The toilet, like any other room in our house, deserves special attention. It is a place of cleanliness and well-being in the same way as the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen. As a mother and housewife, I’ve kept my toilet sparkling for years with … Read more