Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the quoted price on the contract include the printing of the books? Book orders are separate from the Publishing Contract.
  2. Is the author responsible for sending books to people who want to purchase them? How do the orders work? When an order is received through the Fruitbearer Publishing website, the author will have the opportunity to fill the order or have Fruitbearer fill it. All autographed requests would, of course, be filled by the author.
  3. Does Fruitbearer help with writing a blog or help the author with something already in progress? The marketing director will work with the author to develop a marketing plan which can include blogging.
  4. Are editing and marketing included in the quote? Editing is included in the quote. Basic marketing is included at no additional cost. However, we have fee-based advanced marketing available.
  5. What does my base fee include? Unless otherwise specified, the base fee includes editing, interior formatting, cover design, and print-on-demand services.
  6. Where will my books be sold? Will it be listed for sale at online retailers including Barnes & Noble, Target, Powell Books, etc., or just Amazon? Your books will be made available to online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. See related questions below.
  7. How will my books be available to brick & mortar stores and libraries? The books are available for the brick & mortar stores to order for their shelves if they so choose. However, it is recommended that the author establish a relationship, see what their procedure is and go from there. Our marketing director can assist with a plan, including verbiage for approaching booksellers and libraries, as well as consignments shops.
  8. Does Fruitbearer market the book, or are there additional charges? Fruitbearer does limited marketing for your book; please see the website and/or contract. There are additional charges for advanced marketing. The information is on the Fruitbearer website.
  9. What does ISBN stand for? The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric commercial book identifier assigned by the Publisher to identify each individual book.
  10. Does Fruitbearer Publishing provide a different ISBN for softcover, hardcover, and e-book? Yes, we do. Each edition of the book will have its own unique ISBN.
  11. How do I come up with the retail price of my book? Fruitbearer works with the Author to calculate the best price.
  12. What does "wholesale author copies" mean?
    The author may want a supply of books to have on hand for impromptu sales, speaking engagements, consignment shops, or to give to family and friends. The author can purchase books at a "wholesale rate" (approximately 1/3 of the customer price) and keep the difference. 
  13. Does Fruitbearer pay royalties? How do royalties work for online orders? Yes, Fruitbearer pays royalties. With print-on-demand technology, the cost of printing and binding for books that are sold through online retailers occurs without the publisher or author's awareness; customers pay for the book and the shipping and handling. Royalties from these sales are minimal, and are reported on a monthly basis. When author royalties accrue to $20 or more, Fruitbearer pays on a quarterly basis. The author reaps the rewards from writing the book. Rates differ depending on whether it’s a U.S. sale or a sale from another country. The company we use for online orders has a 90-day window before the payout.
  14. What is the process when a brick & mortar store orders an author's book through their regular system? The first thing to know is brick & mortar stores will not order through their system if a book is not returnable. So, if they are returnable and the books ordered do not sell, the printing and shipping cost will be deducted from the royalties schedule and paid by the author. Fruitbearer’s choice is non-returnable- which means it gets printed, sold, and is not returnable to the store. Since that is not usually an option, we advise our authors to purchase their books at the wholesale author price through Fruitbearer, have a working relationship with the bookstore, and set up a book signing. This could lead to book consignment, or the bookstore could purchase the book from the author at an agreed discounted price. Either way, in doing so, the author has paid for the book, will get paid directly from the bookseller, and unsold books can be returned to the author.
  15. Should I get my own illustrator? You may submit your own photograph, original artwork, or computer-generated illustrations, but all artwork must be approved by Fruitbearer. Please be cautious about signing an illustrator's contract if you are considering Fruitbearer Publishing LLC because we like to work closely with our artists to ensure all aspects of the project honor your vision. If we agree to use artwork you supply that has been previously published, you must honor their copyright and provide proof of permission.
  16. What is your approach to cover design? Do you offer three concept ideas? Although three initial sketches may be standard practice for some in the publishing industry, we do things differently here at Fruitbearer Publishing. Our first priority is always to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. For cover design, we gather as much detail as the author can provide, including photos, colors, or anything that can help us understand the author’s vision. Candy Abbott and Elizabeth, the Author Liaison pray over each aspect and deliberate. When we find the inspirational spark, the brainstorming phase is broadened to include our talented graphic designer. The author reviews PDFs at each stage of development, and we keep working, changing the cover as many times as needed, until we all say, “This is it!”
  17. In the contract, what is the Administrative and Organizational Fee for? This covers the cost of doing business, overhead, etc., including but not limited to costs for project preparation, project supervision, preparation of reports, review of emails, and time spent on the phone. To keep the cost as low as possible, we like to make sure we have ironed out most of the wrinkles before the project begins. This way, we only have to reach out when absolutely necessary, keeping the interaction to a minimum while being sure all parties are in the loop.