Editorial Services

Substantive Critique

A substantive edit by Nancy Rue includes:

  • A thorough read-through of the manuscript
  • Margin comments pertaining to:
    • Theme
    • Structure
    • Characterization
    • Plot development
    • Clarity
    • Accuracy
    • Consistency of voice and style
    • Point of view/interior monologue
    • Dialogue
    • Any patterns of smaller issues (Ex: comma/then, long speaker tags, etc.)
  • Complete written feedback, which includes all the areas in which the author excels in addition to those that require revision; Nancy will also attach explanatory documents when appropriate.
  • A follow-up phone call or Skype session with the author to address questions and concerns.

The edit is positive and upbeat, designed to help the author get the manuscript to its best possible place.

Project Consultation

  • A 20-minute consultation with Candy Abbott to determine if Fruitbearer is a good fit for you is free.
  • A professional manuscript consultation is available upon request, and there is no charge for the initial review.

Manuscript Critique

If you become a Fruitbearer author, we will review your manuscript for overall effectiveness. In-depth evaluation is available and may be recommended as part of your contract. If you don’t already know our target audience, we’ll help you identify it by asking you to answer the reader's three most important questions: "What's in it for me?" "What's in it for me?" "What's in it for me?" The editorial critique will help you:

  • Anticipate how much or how little needs to be done to turn your manuscript into a marketable publication.
  • Visualize the appearance of your publication (what size and shape it might be).
  • Think ahead to determine your potential market and how many copies will be needed.

Content Editing

Content editing is the process of evaluating a manuscript for style, organization, and large general revisions. We’ll be looking for wording that can be strengthened or clarified, such as awkward, fragmented or run-on sentences. Sometimes we recommend reorganizing paragraphs and chapters for logical text flow. Whenever revisions are necessary, we always do our best to retain the author’s intent and voice.


Sometimes the author knows what he or she wants to say but can’t seem to get it across to the reader. When trouble spots like this occur, we combine both copyedit and content edit procedures to completely rewrite the existing text the author has provided. When rewriting, no new material is developed or researched, and all material is provided by the author in advance.

Copy Editing

This is the fine-tooth-comb technical aspect of editing. We’ll check for spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and overall correctness. As a rule, we use the Chicago Manual of Style as our guide.

Page Proof Preview

After the manuscript has been typeset, we double-check formatting accuracy in all sections for hidden complications and errors, such as inconsistency in chapter headings, table of contents, headers, page numbers, end-of-line breaks, etc. At this stage, we are looking closely at every character and every space.


Proofing has to be done again and again. We have excellent proofreaders who work hard to catch all typos and editorial oversights, but the more eyes that inspect a document the better. We will be counting on the author to double check us for accuracy. You will have an opportunity to view a PDF of your book as the work progresses. Important: Keep in mind that when the final copy goes to the printer, any changes made after that time can be costly and may delay the timetable considerably.

Revision Proofreading

Whenever revisions are made, additional proofreading is necessary. (We don’t want to make new errors when correcting the old ones.) Extra care is taken to ensure that all revisions are double-checked for consistency with editorial guidelines but, again, we’ll want your final okay. The author is responsible for approving the final proof that goes to the printer.metable considerably.

Professional Review

For those who want an unbiased, professional opinion on their manuscript or published book. Does it have potential? Can it be strengthened?

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