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Economical and ecological tips to reduce the cost of your machine washes

How to save on the cost of machine washing?

Did you know that you can reduce the cost of your machine washes without compromising the cleanliness of your clothes? Here are easy, natural tips to save money and be eco-friendly in the process.

Opt for low temperature wash cycles

One of the secrets to reducing the cost of your machine wash is to opt for a low temperature wash cycle. In fact, the slow rise in water temperature is what consumes the most electricity. Lower temperatures are usually enough to wash your clothes, except for heavily soiled fabrics, so you save electricity and money.

Do one large load of laundry rather than several small ones

Another tip to save money when machine washing is to do one large load rather than several small ones.. In fact, using the machine at full capacity consumes much less energy and water than doing several small loads of laundry. Just make sure not to overload the drum, so your clothes can move freely and get cleaned properly.

Make your own detergent at home

Make your own detergent at home is economical and environmentally friendly. In addition to reducing the cost of washing, it’s also a great way to significantly decrease your exposure to chemicals. Many online tutorials will guide you through the process of making your own detergent from natural ingredients such as Marseille soap, baking soda and white vinegar.

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Maintain your washing machine regularly

Finally, don’t forget tomaintain your washing machine regularly. Regular maintenance helps you save money in the long run by extending the life of your machine and avoiding costly repairs. This includes cleaning the filter, checking the pipes, and running a dry cycle with white vinegar to descale and deodorize the machine.

These little tips will allow you to reduce the cost of your machine washes while being environmentally responsible. Don’t forget to share these tips and tricks with your friends and family so they too can save and help protect our environment.

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