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Dopamine, happiness and lasting love

Time for euphoria in young couples’ relationships

It’s often said that love makes you blind. In the initial phase of a relationship, young couples often experience an indescribable feeling of happiness and euphoria.

Happiness hormones take over and all problems seem insignificant. However, this honeymoon phase has a limited duration.

According to several studies, which we’ll detail below, the euphoria felt by young couples lasts only 12 to 24 months.

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The biological mechanisms of euphoria in love

L’euphoria of love is not just a question of feelings. According to neurobiology, the initial state of love is a natural response to an increase in certain hormones.

This hormonal flood causes an increase in attraction and attachment, leading to feelings of euphoria. At this stage, the brain releases mainly dopamine, the so-called happiness hormone. That’s why, at first, partners often seem perfect for each other.

Everything seems more attractive, more exciting. It also makes people newly in love very energetic, fascinated and extremely focused on their partner.


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The temporality of euphoria

Over time, this phase of euphoria fades. A number of studies have found that the initial peak of happiness in a romantic relationship generally lasts between 12 and 24 months.

This is mainly due to a neurobiological adaptationThe brain begins to get used to the stimulation of dopamine. It’s also during this period that the first rose-colored glasses start to fall off and the partner’s flaws become more apparent.

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It’s a transition to a different phase of love, often described as calmer and more stable.

How long does the euphoria of young couples last?© Fruitbearer

Moving beyond euphoria

The end of euphoria certainly doesn’t mean the end of love. Couples often manage to maintain strong loving feelings well beyond the honeymoon phase.

The transition to a more mature phase of love is characterized by feelings of deep affection, solid attachment and a strong sense of partnership. Moving into this phase can also be a challenge for many. The cessation of the constant release of dopamine can often be confused with the loss of feelings.

It is therefore essential for young couples to know that theeuphoria in love has a limited duration in order to successfully navigate to more mature stages of their relationship. In conclusion, the initial euphoria of love is a natural phase of any loving relationship.

While it can be incredibly intense, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t last forever.

Knowing this can help young couples navigate their relationship more effectively as it develops and evolves over time.

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