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discover its multiple ecological uses for your home

Coffee grounds: an ecological treasure within reach

Who would have thought that the bottom of your morning cup could be transformed into a cleaning surprisingly effective in eliminating bad odors? I am speaking, of course, of coffee grounds. But how can that residue from your morning coffee help keep your toilet smelling fresh and clean?

The absorbent power of coffee grounds

Not only can coffee beans add flavor to your favorite beverage, but coffee grounds also have the incredible ability toabsorb and neutralize odors. Just like baking soda, the absorbent qualities of coffee grounds are great for eliminating bad odors in any part of the house, but they are especially useful in toilets.

How to use coffee grounds to eliminate odors in the toilet?

It is very simple to use coffee grounds to eliminate bad odors in the toilet. Here’s a step-by-step guide to putting this handy trick to work at home.

  • 1. Collect the coffee grounds: After making your morning coffee, don’t throw away the grounds! Collect it in a container and let it dry.
  • 2. Use a cloth bag: Once the coffee grounds are dry, put them in a small cloth bag. If you’re creative, you can sew one yourself, or use fabric spice bags.
  • 3. Place it in your toilet: Hang the bag of coffee grounds in your toilet. You can hang it on the toilet flush handle or place it in an inconspicuous corner.
  • 4. Replace it regularly: About once a week, it is best to replace the used bag of coffee grounds with a new one. A regular routine will ensure the effectiveness of this tip and keep your toilet always fresh!
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Good tips for optimal use of coffee grounds

Besides being a great deodorizer, coffee grounds have several other uses. It can be used as a natural exfoliant for the face, a D organic fertilizer for your plants, or even for insect repellency. So before you throw away your coffee grounds, think about all the ways you could reuse them!

By getting into the habit of reusing this daily byproduct, you will not only make your home more pleasant, but you will also contribute to a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. So ladies, the next time you grind your morning coffee, don’t forget to save the grounds! You will be amazed at how much this small gesture can make a big difference.

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