Graphic Design & Formatting

Page Layout

This is where the pretty stuff comes in, the point where we "design" your pages (using Adobe InDesign). There is an art to selecting just the right font (typeface), line spacing, and graphics to achieve the desired eye-appeal of each page.

The process of formatting also includes margin placement, boxing or any other special treatment, as well as indicating the trim size and physical layout of the project. If you already have a preference of how you want your page layout to look, by all means, bring us a sample and we’ll do our best to duplicate it.

Cover Design Services

  • Did you know that the average bookstore browser who picks up a book spends eight seconds reading the front cover and 15 seconds reading the back? This assumes the spine caught their attention in the first place. The appearance of your cover must not only be eye-catching, but every word must be an accurate reflection of the contents.
  • Even if you plan to hand-deliver your publication to friends and family, cover design is extremely important.
  • Title and Back Cover Text
  • Fruitbearer Publishing will work with you in selecting just the right words to emphasize the key points, summarize the project, and capture the reader’s attention.
  • We’ll make sure your title works and, if appropriate, help you to identify a dynamic subtitle.

Cover Illustrations

  • There are several options for you to consider with regard to cover art (our fee will be determined by the complexity of the project):
  • We can illustrate the cover for you using royalty-free stock photos or line art
  • We can contract with an artist for an original cover illustration
  • You may submit your own photograph, original artwork, or computer-generated illustrations, but all artwork must be approved by Fruitbearer. Please be cautious about signing an illustrator's contract if you are considering Fruitbearer Publishing LLC because we like to work closely with our artists to ensure all aspects of the project honor your vision. If we agree to use artwork you supply that has been previously published, you must honor their copyright and provide proof of permission.