About the team

Martha McDaniel

Hello everyone, my name is Martha !

Welcome to our site dedicated to news, astrology, spirituality, psychology, games and puzzles, cooking and everything to do with the home.

With the collaboration of Richard and Jacqueline, we’ve decided to share our knowledge and passions with you!

Our aim is not only to entertain you, but also to get you thinking, questioning and broadening your knowledge.

I hope you’ll enjoy the content and that you’ll find it a place to exchange, share and grow.

Happy exploring!

Hello, my name is Richard. I’m a creator of entertainment games, but my passion doesn’t stop there. I also like to design personality tests based on various images, offering a better understanding of oneself. My aim is to provide fun while encouraging self-discovery.

Richard Marks
Jacqueline Edwards

My name is Jacqueline, and I’m passionate about divinatory revelation techniques such as tarot cards and the pendulum. I specialize in the art of predicting the future and helping people find answers to their deepest questions.